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Why The World Will Prioritise Personal Health in 2022

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As we take stock on another year and look forward to the year ahead, how do we reflect on the change and development in our individual lives, and how do we assess and evaluate our progress with regards to our personal health?

At Tyson & Blake, we see a number of positive developments taking shape leading the evolution from healthcare to SelfCare. Growing awareness and significant advancements in approaches and technologies, in particular more effectively leveraging Artificial Intelligence to gain actionable insights from our everyday lives using Deep Data Analytics, means we as individuals are more empowered than ever to better manage our own personal health, nutrition and wellness.

1. Powering Longevity

Digitisation and closer connectivity are having a profound impact as global cooperation to decrease the costs and risks of new research by sharing resources is increasing the impact and scale of new discoveries.

For example, in a first of its kind, an international team of scientists pooling and sharing data from multiple labs in a single database recently published on the findings of a study of thousands of people living in 29 different countries aging from eight days to 95 years old. Their discovery? The human metabolism doesn’t decline as early as once thought, instead plateauing from our 20s through our 50s, only declining past our 60s.

A significant paradigm shift in our understanding of nutrition and personal health: we have so much more control over our metabolism and for far longer than previously thought. Products and services to address and support diet and lifestyle changes based on this new awareness can help prolong our years of healthy productive living or Healthspan, by preserving muscle mass and supporting mitochondrial fitness to support the optimal functioning of the cells and systems in our body.

This approach, focussed on improving structured nutritional planning by The Mealplanner helps to empower individuals, families and organisations maintaining healthy diets with the right food choices, bringing food and science together in a scalable software platform:

2. Stronger Together

It is estimated lost productivity as a result of anxiety and depression costs the global economy US$1 trillion each year, with 1 billion people worldwide suffering worldwide. Poor mental health in general is estimated to cost upwards of $6 trillion a year by 2030 in poor health and reduced productivity.

The economic case for investment in mental health is strong: for every $1 invested in scaled-up treatment for depression and anxiety, there is a $4 return in better health and productivity.

Much of what is currently on offer and currently being done is based on one-size-fits-all solutions; outdated models based on assumptions and generalisations that fail to address key understandings of our existence at the heart of much unrest: who are we, why are we here, and how do we find fulfilment and meaning in life?

One approach we are taking to address this opportunity is focussing on the individual, and approaches to help improve personal mental resilience and strength, with AI powered analysis to better understand ourselves, better structure personalised development programmes and connect to the most suitable coaches, counsellors, psychologists, therapists and trainers matched with deep personality analysis.

The MindBerry platform connects individuals for one-to-one coaching and counselling with qualified and experienced professionals. Working together with organisations like the British Association for Counselling and Therapy, people are matched with coaches, counsellors and therapists based on their individual needs. In addition, MindBerry offers bespoken mental wellbeing Webinars/Workshops and has a “Speaker pool” (speaker bureau) for Organisations.

3. The Right Amount

International drug safety monitoring is essential to development of better quality, safer medication programmes and Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) remain a challenge in modern healthcare, particularly given ageing populations, the increasing complexity of therapeutics, and rising multimorbidity.

Most adverse reactions are preventable.

The most important aspect of drug safety monitoring is reliable, real-time information. Health-care professionals (physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists) are best placed to report suspected adverse reactions as part of patient care. Patients also have a critical role in getting the right information to authorities and should refer to their medical practitioner as soon as they detect unwanted symptoms or reactions. Both health professionals and patients should report these even if they are doubtful about the precise relationship between the given drug and the reaction.

Quality Pharma’s powerful medication evaluation tool, the QS System™ supports medication decisions at the point of delivery, using innovative AI to identify patterns and correlations deep within drug and healthcare data sets and is an invaluable tool for drug research and development across multiple, regional, national or international sources to deliver better quality, safer medication treatment programmes.

Strong Room AI uniquely aggregates drug data across pharmacies, hospitals, and care homes, providing unique patient and organisational insights, driving real efficiencies and innovation in preventative healthcare solutions. Partnered with the QS System™ from Quality Pharma, Strong Room’s drug management platform is reducing the cost and risk of adverse drug reactions at scale, empowering individuals with critical information to actively engage in their own wellbeing and improving the quality and safety of professional healthcare. The focus on using AI to help eliminate adverse drug events is a hugely exciting development in the evolution of healthcare to SelfCare, and StrongRoom are leading the way to show the world how preventative healthcare can be better delivered.

Key insights for 2022:

Deep Data Drives Discovery and Innovation

More and more data with deeper insight into who we are as individuals and how and why we exist means unsurpassed opportunities for meaningful impact and lasting change for the better. Deepening and embracing our understanding of the importance of empowering the individual to share in social exchange and interplay of cultures, disciplines and ideas leads to inspire innovation and wealth creation and improved quality of life for all.

Virtual Wellness Is Here to Stay
The world is transforming in the digital age to a world where everything is virtual: virtual meetings, virtual schools, virtual training, virtual therapy. Virtual wellness isn’t going away and we will continue to seek and use services that we’re able to access from the comfort of wherever we happen to be, whenever we like.

Wright’s Law Trumps Moore’s Law
Economies of scale affect the rate of pace of development over time; as developments in science and understanding are integrated into new approaches and technologies impacting ever greater numbers globally, so too increase the number of improvements to our ability to lead fruitful and meaningful lives over a longer Healthspan.

At Tyson & Blake we are invested in inspirational founders and leaders of growth companies with unique approaches and innovative technologies sharing our goal to make a profound contribution to society. As we advance from healthcare to SelfCare, leveraging Artificial Intelligence with Deep Data Analytics, we are more empowered than ever to better manage our own personal health, nutrition and wellness. The future is shaping up nicely!

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