June 21, 2022 Tyson & Blake®

Tyson & Blake makes follow-on investment in StrongRoom AI “SRAI”

Tyson & Blake is delighted to announce our second investment in StrongRoom AI located in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last twelve months we have worked closely with SRAI Executive team and Board to understand their business model and build close working relationships. 

StrongRoom AI is accelerating digital processes in pharmacies, hospitals, and aged care facilities across Australia. This delivers improved patient and customer outcomes and provides higher productivity levels.  The business has been winning market share in their home market over the last two years. The company is also actively engaged in discussions to sell their services internationally in the UK, EU, and Japan with the ambition to eventually enter the US Market.

“We are very pleased to have Tyson & Blake as our strategic partner and their continued support both through this follow-on investment and supporting us with various international opportunities in Europe and the UK.  Tyson & Blake will be the last money-in pre our Series A planned for Q3 2022. The Series A funds will be used to grow our team to drive product development and deliver exponential growth over the next few years.”, said Max Mito, Co-Founder and CEO of StrongRoom AI.

“StrongRoom AI could change the world of healthcare. This business is making a meaningful difference to the Australian healthcare market and rapidly winning market share across its key verticals including pharmacies, hospitals, and aged care sectors. The team is building a scalable model to replicate this success in international markets. Their solutions are needed, now more than ever as we start to enter a post pandemic world and Strong Room AI’s digital solutions will help create improved productivity across international healthcare systems.”, said Mark O’Dwyer, CEO of Tyson & Blake.

StrongRoom AI will transform drug management using AI and facial recognition to provide better healthcare.  We want to eliminate adverse drug events (a $1T problem worldwide). Today disjointed workflows and data between healthcare providers result in siloed decision making which leads to significant inefficiencies; Strong Room AI enables these providers to be connected. We reduce 80% of administrative work and that is a win-win for everyone involved, leading to better patient care and customer service and improved job satisfaction for healthcare workers.

For further informationcontact Mark O’Dwyer, at  +44 20 7019 9036 or e-mail info@tysonblake.com

About Tyson & Blake

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About StrongRoom AI

StrongRoom AI is an AI-driven controlled drugs management platform aimed at reducing adverse drug events within the Pharmacy, Hospital and Aged Care Facility settings. Specialized in AI analytics and Facial Recognition technology for care providers. See more at https://strongroom.ai.

See link introducing StrongRoom AI leadership team: https://strongroom.ai/company/.


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