January 20, 2022 Tyson & Blake®

Tyson & Blake Announces Lead Investment in StrongRoom AI

Tyson & Blake has today announced its lead investment in Strong Room Technology Pty Ltd, a medical innovation company aimed at improving pharmacy, methadone dispensing, and diagnosing to improve patient outcomes. This is the latest investment by Tyson & Blake in a Healthcare growth company with innovative technologies, a unique approach and the potential to make a profound contribution to society.

In response to the growth in Adverse Drug Events (ADE), resulting from medical interventions via drug treatments (medication errors, adverse drug reactions, allergic reactions, and overdoses), StrongRoom AI has created the next generation of drug management solutions. The technology leverages the power of facial recognition to advance medical care, using 3D Facial Mapping Techniques to capture facial biomarkers and expressions, correlating them to symptoms and diseases.

StrongRoom AI uniquely aggregates drug data across pharmacies, hospitals, and care homes providing unique patient and organisational insights. The business has grown rapidly over the last 12 months and is forecasting to win market share over the next two to three years driving real efficiencies and creating preventative healthcare solutions in these markets. In installed sites Strong Room is seeing 100 patients a day using their digital platform proving it is highly attractive to customers and site management.

Tyson & Blake investments in Health, Nutrition and Wellness also include: Aqsens Health, non-invasive screening and diagnostic tests for preventative healthcare with a focus on early detection of cancers; Lamicare Health, an innovator of naturally derived proprietary healthcare products and brands; The MealPlanner, a fully scalable nutrition and food management platform with distinct applications for individuals, for hospitality, larger organisations and for health and nutrition professionals; MindBank AI, a personal development platform creating a personal digital twin with structured learning algorithms; MindBerry, a digital coaching, counselling and mental strength training platform; Quality Pharma, operating the Quantum Satis® system, a powerful evaluation tool supporting medication decisions at the point of delivery, identifying potential drug-drug conflicts and helping to prevent Adverse Drug Reactions and Regal Vard, providing specialised health care services.

With investments across the globe, Tyson & Blake portfolio companies have an addressable market of more than 75% of the world’s population – a market size of $1.1 trillion.

Simon Alexander Legge, Managing Director of Tyson & Blake commented: “Millions of people die unnecessarily from adverse drug reactions every year. Now more than ever it is increasingly clear how digital processes are essential to delivering better outcomes. Partnered with the QS System® from Quality Pharma, Strong Room’s drug management platform will help reduce the cost and risk of adverse drug reactions at scale, empowering individuals with critical information to actively engage in their own wellbeing and improving the quality and safety of professional healthcare. The focus on using AI to help eliminate adverse drug events is a hugely exciting development in the evolution of healthcare to SelfCare. StrongRoom are leading the way to show the world how preventative healthcare can be better delivered.”

Max Mito, Co-Founder and CEO of StrongRoom AI, said: “We are very excited to be working with Tyson & Blake to grow the business internationally. Their skilled executive team and wide adviser base provides a unique advantage in breaking into the UK, European and North American market. As of this moment, we are actively pursuing several international opportunities and with their unique expertise and raised funds, we expect to achieve exponential growth in the next 2-3 years. Ultimately, we are looking to eliminate adverse drug events (a $1T problem worldwide) and look to build the world’s best drug management platform.

Read the article in Clinical Services Journal here:Clinical Journal Press Coverage

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