February 2, 2022 Tyson & Blake®

MindBerry Announces Partnership With The Social Chain

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Tyson & Blake investment company, MindBerry, has been awarded a contract for mental health care services by The Social Chain, which provides social commerce on a global scale. MindBerry partners with employers to give employees access to personalised mental health care services, such as therapy, counselling, and coaching globally. MindBerry’s client roster already includes companies like Munich Re, and Coffee & TV, an independent visual content studio.

Addressing One of the Defining Problems of Our Time

Mental health is one of the defining problems of our time. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a mental health disorder. The World Health Organization estimates that the loss in productivity due to depression and anxiety costs the global economy an estimated $1trillion annually.

“Innovative companies understand the critical need to provide effective mental health care for their employees,” said Sandra de Monte, MindBerry co-founder. “We founded MindBerry to redefine access to quality mental health care to improve individual wellbeing. We are delighted to add The Social Chain, which works at the forefront of social innovation, to our client roster. We are on a trajectory to become a global leader in mental health care by growing our international client base and clinically trained mental health professionals.”

Access to Quality Mental Health Care

“MindBerry’s innovative approach to delivering mental health care transforms access to quality mental health care for organisations and their employees,” said Katy Leeson, MD of The Social Chain. “If 2020 and 2021 events have taught us anything, it demands a shared empathy for mental health and a collective need to support mental health at work moving forward. We are excited to join our companies together to set a new standard for care for our employees, along with exceptional resources for businesses that MindBerry provides, to make mental health and well-being a priority for our exceptional people.”


The Social Chain

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