May 25, 2022 Tyson & Blake®

Health Tech World’s Investors Summit With David Dwek

David Dwek is Tyson & Blake’s Chief Investment Officer, Chairman off the Investment Committee and one of our key advisors. David recently took part in Health Tech World’s prestigious Investors Summit to discuss how the future of health-tech investment is shaping up.

Key topics included, where the bright spots and gaps are post-Theranus, how Covid has changed things, new funding models and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of them.

Here are 5 top pieces of advice from David:

1. With the current volatility in the market, technology companies are facing significant valuation downgrades. However, heath tech, digital health and biotech are exiting growth sectors for investors, particularly post covid. $15 billion was raised for investment into these sectors in 2021 and fundraising is continuing during 2022.

2. Valuation expectations need to be realigned to the current market environment. It is very important to set achievable valuation expectations and to continue an upward valuation trajectory.

3. Strong management teams with a broad experience base are essential to accelerate company development.

4. Corporate partnering is very beneficial for an early stage company and can accelerate the development process as well as providing funding.

5. Working closely with investors that can add strategic value will be beneficial and will allow companies to focus more internationally as they consider new market opportunities.

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Find out more about David Dwek.

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